Here at the LVY HQ, we are always on the prowl for colourful yoga pants. It has become a staple in our wardrobes. Needless to say, when Nat (Australian Distributor and Importer of the divine Anjali Clothing Range) rocked up at one of our YOGA+ retreats, it was pretty much “retail – love” at first sight.

Nats big smile, crazy curls and warm heart is a complete reflection of Anjali, the colourful prints were made for her. She’s dayum smart too…

With a background in Training, Marketing and Operational Management, Nat’s approach to yoga is one that honours the need for individual self-study with the deeper aim to improve compassion to one & others and communication between mind, body & other.
Nat has studied yoga since 2000 and has been inspired by many great Yoga Teachers of our modern day.

Teaching yoga in a wide range of environments from beachside to small private intimate studio session, Nat combines asana, meditation and pranayama which create the opportunity to explore our spiritual needs through the physical body.
Nat enjoys living her study of yoga off the mat and weaves it into her day-to-day life. “Yoga allows us to focus & go within. This self-study then expands our awareness, it brings an increased responsibility & need to live in alignment. It brings a desire for Peaceā€.

Anjali Clothing

Anjali Clothing is the love child of two amazing New York based designers & Yogis.

Kristinn & Julissa make clothes they are looking for, clothes that are not necessarily meant for a single end use but rather a piece of clothing that you can take from a Yoga Class to lunch, or from a hike to pretty much any activity you are in the mood for.

All Anjali fabrics are selected on the basis that they feel good against the skin. The Ferocity range is full of vibrant, seasonal prints & made from green recycled polyester & spandex. It has always been important to Anjali that there is an alignment with the life style vision of what Yogis strive to cultivate in their Yoga practice & life.

Anjali is a family company committed to providing the best service possible.
Anjali can absolutely guarantee the quality of all their clothes, which are sweat shop free and primarily made by them in the New York City/Los Angeles area, or in fair trade facilities by our partners.

Get you ass into a pair of Anjali today
or drop Nat an email


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