Let me begin with introducing myself and sharing a little bit about me. I’m a 26 year old yogi, blogger, project manager, entrepreneur that hails from Dublin, Ireland. I have been living in Sydney 3 years and now I see it as home (but I am very proud to be Irish, love potatoes!). I love having a good giggle, exploring new places and creating new memories. I’m usually a happy little ball of energy, with big crazy hair to go with it! Like everyone else I have had my fair share of bad days, and I’m sure there’s plenty more coming my way.

“Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain,
but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain” – Unknown

So how do I “deal” with the bad days? Well the first thing I usually try to feel is GRATITUDE! I know what you’re thinking “Is she insane? Why would she be grateful for a sh*t day?!?” Just like the quote above, bad days allow you to see the best in the good days; bad days glorify good days and make them the shiny, amazing happy days you remember. Without the bad days we would have nothing to compare and eventually those good days would become monotonous and boring.

So that’s the first thing I do, but that’s just a snippet of the things that go through my mind on a daily basis. The most important thing in everyday, good or bad, is

Internal and external balance is the key to being calm and grounded. I’m a typical Pisces and often get stuck in my head about external problems, work, money, relationships, this completely knocks me off balance and my internal wellbeing becomes really unhealthy. So to find equilibrium, here are my Top Tips on how to create a balanced, calm and grounded life.

Be Kind to Yourself

Taking time to sit back and listen to yourself can often be the hardest thing in world to do, but once you do it, there is immediate acknowledgment between your inner and outer. Be honest to yourself, what are the areas in your life you are neglecting? Look at your state of mind are you burning yourself out? Do you need a few minutes to go for a walk, sit on the beach, eat ice cream, put on a facemask, run a bubble bath!


Internal V External

Write a list of all the things you are thinking about, right there and then at that very moment. Study the list; are you more external or internal? Do you need to balance that list out? .

Personal “To Do” list

How would you like to be more balanced? Just as if you are in an office, write a Personal “To Do” list. For every external activity you do, reward your internal with something, For example, I have 2 big meetings today (external), after work I am going to do a relaxing Yin class, followed by a steamy bath (internal, rewarding your mind, body and soul)

A Memory a Month

Organise at least one fun trip, activity or outing with your family, friends or loved one, every month. Forget about the cost, memories shared are more important than money. You were born with no money, and your certainly going to leave earth with no money.


Give yourself a pat on the back!

Think of all the things you’ve achieved so far. They don’t have to be big elaborate successes! Think, “Man, my outfit is awesome today”, “I made a great lunch today”, every step forward you take is an achievement, everything you do that makes you smile is an achievement, so give yourself the credit you deserve.



Remember to stay confident and committed to your goals, internal and external. Don’t let the devil on your shoulder shout over the angel; bury the self-sabotaging part of yourself. Be happy and kind to yourself.



Connect with family and friends. Find someone to share those achievements with. Find someone who challenges your inner fears, that person to push you forward and encourage you to keep taking those steps forward. Its really easy to get stuck inside your head, and while you are the only person that can make those steps happen, a little encouragement from an other can be the difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’.



Those of you out there that don’t meditate, find this an impossible task to complete. The image of a Tibetan Monk meditating crossed legged for hours on end comes to mind, but remember we are all different! Meditation comes in all forms, the important thing to remember is to switch off, stop thinking, don’t fixate on the thoughts that do come into your mind ‘LET GO’. Secondly the amount of time you meditate for, does not matter, give yourself 5 minutes a day and you will eventually build up a longer meditation. I often read about many different ways of meditating and when I try it, I cannot do it, and it drives me insane (the exact opposite of meditating) So now I sit quietly, close my eyes and simply watch the movie behind my eyelids unfold, it’s really cool and I have no idea what the movie means yet! A kaleidoscope of colours that mimics a xxx painting, faces swirl into other images, often images of Ganesh, Shiva and Buddha appear (not because I’m super spiritual or enlightened, I’m far from it, I’m pretty sure its because we have statues of these at home that my eyes wash over hundreds of times on a daily basis) So treat yourself to a 5 minute meditation now, what are you waiting for?



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