Collaboration Vs Competition

Hi I’m a yoga teacher, but you can call me Buddha!

Some people need to get their head out of their ‘ass-ana’ and re-learn the word “Yoga”! What is with people who do teacher training and all of a sudden their shit don’t stink… wait their shit probably levitates over to the toilet and flushes itself!

FANTASTIC you can turn yourself into a pretzel! Now ask yourself, has it changed even one teeny tiny thing about you? If the answer is “Eh duh, I physically got up and turned myself inside out, didn’t you see how sexy I looked?!? This ladies and gents is not yoga, this is merely an act of doing something,the perception has not changed. Yoga is basically a perceptional change, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj,
which means “to join” or “to yoke”.

The true meaning of yoga is Union, so why have so many people forgotten about that? Let me ramble on very quickly about ‘self’ and yoga. I see so many people obsess over yoga poses and forget to unite mind, body and soul. One of the reasons I did teacher training was to fully understand the philosophy and spirituality behind yoga. TT is usually held by very senior teachers with years of experience and not once do they demonstrate an advance pose while killing themselves, they are kind to their body, they listen to the inner voice and never squash the soul. There is emphasis on the Bhagavad Gita and what we can and should learn from it, the 3 Gunas pop up many times and which one you might fall into, the 8 limbs of Yoga, and Karma Yoga is present throughout. However many students graduate, quickly forget the philosophy and all of a sudden it becomes a competition! Yoga Olympics in full swing and there are no winners! Why?, because you have set yourself up for failure, you have forgotten the true meaning of yoga, UNION.

Collaboration Vs Competition

Starting LVY has been an amazingly rewarding experience. In the beginning, approaching inspiring teachers and amazing products to co create something was pretty scary, but the ‘Yes’s’ kept flying in. I was overwhelmed by the response and enthusiasm from other like minded people, that being said, I still come across the occasional “pretzel”! Interestingly those who want to collaborate are the more experienced, well established folk and the ones who see LVY as competition are babies! This frustrated me a little, LVY, competition? How could LVY be competition to anyone, our aim is to promote and help people grow. I quickly accepted that pretzels are too salty anyway!

So why does LVY want to collaborate with everyone? It goes back to the word yoga, we truly believe only good things come from those that unite. We have no bias, no favourites, no burning desire to be on the cover of  Yoga Times (but if you’re reading this Yoga Times, hit us up!), we really do love seeing something grow from nothing.

LVY is an acronym for Las Vegas Yoga, we read and fell in love with the book, E-squared by Pam Grout. The book is about manifesting things, and she mentions the “bright lights of Las Vegas”, always look towards them, and so LVY was born. We manifested this cool platform from nowhere else but our hearts.

We love hearing similar stories and love it even more when we can share these stories. LVY would love to see more people connect and show the world what they’re made off.

“Competition” has negative connotations attached to it and we don’t see any rewards or benefits that come from it. Competition screams “stress”, “anxiety”, “dog eat dog”…

Collaboration see’s people challenge each other and create something one person alone could never do. 2 heads are definitely better that 1.

We look forward to collaborating with the pretzels when they shake the salt off.




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