Detox Yoga Mat Spray

LVY had the pleasure of meeting the ladies over at Detox and we fell in love with their organic chemical free mat spray.

Lets face it yogis, our shit don’t smell like roses and our sweaty yoga mats can get pretty grubby. Hands up, who get’s a little lazy, rolls the mat up and forget about it until the next class? Yuck, you’re all gross!

The best part about Detox is all you have to do is spray it on your mat…thats it, just spray and roll up. Your mat is left clean and smells fresh every time you use it.

Detox Yoga Mat Spray is scientifically formulated with Australian Organic Lemon Myrtle. Tested on yogis and not on animals.

Check out Detox online now and grab your bottle of goodness.

Namaste LVY

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