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Being from Ireland and living on the other side of the world is a bitter sweet love affair. Full of passion and curiosity, moments of unknown, highs and lows, new experiences and a longing to be back with your family, your people, your humour, the birth place and source of your love.

The only constant is change and unfamiliar grounds! Like a body of water is to a wave, your emotions and thoughts are always there, but sometimes a rogue wave of overwhelming lust urges you to get back to your roots!

Well…when your “roots” are 15’574km from where you’re standing, your perception of “your roots” morph and change with the backdrop. Unfamiliar faces become familiar, strangers become loved ones, where you were once lost becomes your home!

Yoga meaning Union and the practice of Yoga, expands your mind and heart, you quickly realise everywhere is home, everyone is a loved one, and where your toes kiss the soil, your body grows from the deep roots beneath you, grounding you like an bristlecone pine tree.

So what grew from this realisation?


Ireland is one of the oldest cultures in the world. We have done a lot of big things for a tiny teddy bear shaped island! So where does this fit into Yidaki Yoga? Where does Ireland fit into Yoga?? Don’t the Irish just drink?!

Believe it or not I found a number of connections between the Vedic Brahmins of Ancient India and the Vedic Druids of Ancient Ireland!

(Insert excited squeal)


.Identical mythological symbolism.

.Identical political system and legal structures.

.Identical poetic and musical structures.

Identical *Language*.


Old Irish – arya (freeman),Sanskrit – aire (noble)

Old Irish – naib (good), Sanskrit – noeib (holy)

Old Irish – badhira (deaf), Sanskrit – bodhar (deaf)

Old Irish – names (respect), Sanskrit – nemed (respect)

Old Irish – righ (king), Sanskrit – raja (king)

Ok so I’m super excited at this point, and my passion for teaching, healing and practicing yoga has suddenly been reaffirmed by the realisation that my ancestors probably felt the same passion. I honestly never truly understood the pull towards Yoga until right freaking now!

“The Druids were not simply priesthood. They were the intellectual caste of ancient Celtic society, incorporating all the professions: judges, lawyers, medical doctors, ambassadors, historians and so forth, just as does the brahmin caste. In fact, other names designate the specific role of the “priests.” Only Roman and later Christian propaganda turned them into “shamans,” “wizards” and “magicians”

I’ll take Wizard any day ✨

“Because Ireland was one of the few areas of the Celtic world that was not conquered by Rome and therefore not influenced by Latin culture until the time of its Christianization in the 5th century ce, its ancient Irish culture has retained the most clear and startling parallels to Hindu society.”

“This {similarities} applies not only in the field of linguistics but in law and social custom, in mythology, in folk custom and in traditional musical form. The ancient Irish law system, the Laws of the Fénechus, is closely parallel to the Laws of Manu. Many surviving Irish myths, and some Welsh ones, show remarkable resemblances to the themes, stories and even names in the sagas of the Indian Vedas.

Comparisons are almost endless. Among the ancient Celts, Danu was regarded as the “Mother Goddess.” The Irish Gods and Goddesses were the Tuatha De Danaan (“Children of Danu”). Danu was the “divine waters” falling from heaven and nurturing Bíle, the sacred oak from whose acorns their children sprang. Moreover, the waters of Danu went on to create the great Celtic sacred river–Danuvius, today called the Danube. Many European rivers bear the name of Danu–the Rhône (ro- Dhanu, “Great Danu”) and several rivers called Don. Rivers were sacred in the Celtic world, and places where votive offerings were deposited and burials often conducted. The Thames, which flows through London, still bears its Celtic name, from Tamesis, the dark river, which is the same name as Tamesa, a tributary of the Ganges.

Not only is the story of Danu and the Danube a parallel to that of Ganga and the Ganges but a Hindu Danu appears in the Vedic story “The Churning of the Oceans,” a story with parallels in Irish and Welsh mytholgy. Danu in Sanskrit also means “divine waters” and “moisture.”

Moist indeed… I’m getting carried away, downloading you with my new findings and comparisons! Can you blame me?! This is freaking huge for me! Anyway I could continue to load my new information on you, but I won’t!

Instead… We have designed and planned Yidaki Yoga around my ancient roots and married it with that of the Yidaki (didgeridoo)

So now you know a snippet of my Irish/yogic history, where does the Yidaki come into play? (Pun intended)

Well if you travel 15’574km from Ireland you reach a massive island called Australia, and that’s were my roots have grounded for 4 years now.

One of those strangers I mentioned earlier is now my loved one ❤️ My curly haired partner in crime, Aaron and his beautiful brother, Levi, are the extremely talented band Vanderaa.

Aaron was gifted a Yidaki from his aboriginal father from Arnhem land Northern Territory. He was adopted into the skin group Bungadi when he was 15 and has been playing the healing sounds of the oldest windpipe instrument ever since.

And so Yidaki Yoga was born! Merging my deeply ancient Irish roots in parallel with the surprisingly similar roots of Hindi/Yoga and the earthy tones of the Yidaki, djembe and VanderAa.

Yidaki Yoga is a teaching, a healing, an experience that has been dancing through the universes lifetime waiting patiently for its Vessel.

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