Reach for the Stars!

I’ve been “humming and hawing” over topics for my next blog, reached out to friends and posted on Facebook looking for inspiration! I got inundated with 100’s of different ideas, mostly on yoga and health, diet and nutrition etc, and while they were all epic suggestions, I just wasn’t feeling them! I felt a bit “meh”, every time I tried to start one!

So I dug a little deeper into my crazy thoughts and the reoccurring theme was “I’m really nailing what I’m doing right now!”.. Am I making heaps of money? NO, Have I put my Uni Degree to good use? NO,  Am I teaching to packed out classes? NO, Do I have my “shit” together? God NO, does anyone?

Am I happy? YESSSSSSS!

After a very long period of what seemed like bad news after bad news, I honestly felt like my world was crumbling, coming to an end! I had lost everything I had thought I was suppose to be and someone who was really special to me, questioning “Whats the point?”, I have somehow and pretty abruptly reached (for now) the finish line! In the past, life hurdles were pretty high, I was so focused on jumping over one mammoth hurdle, that I completely forgot, I could just walk around the hurdle (Insert EVERYTHING from the video below!)


So I “Tony Manero’d” the shit out of that last hurdle and because I have changed my perspective on EVERYTHING, and I mean everything! My inner image and outer image are living in complete harmony with each other. I have accepted and not afraid of loosing certain titles I had in the past, right now its all ME, I am all ME!

So whats my point?

We constantly hear “Reach for the stars”,, What does that mean? Hmmm well for most of us we associate it with money, success (whatever that means to you) in your career, maybe finding the “perfect” partner, whatever you think it is, it’s probably something to do with impressing the people around you, right?

WHAT THE EFF? Why the hell do we constantly put ourselves under that ridiculous pressure?! I decided, that was a star, I was never ever ever going to reach, because once you think you impress one person, CURVEBALL, they kinda crush you and expect even more!

Since LVY started I have come across crazy jealously from other people in the industry, in the past I have been advised not to go ahead with certain visions and only focus on one part of my business… I kindly declined that proposal and decided to kick ass anyway! So I started to try impress myself!

I had a conversation with a friend recently about looking out for yourself and being no1 priority,

I said “sometimes you have to be selfish” he replied “sometimes you have to be self-full”

High five friend :) His advice stayed with me the moment he said it. Happiness is the only star worth reaching for, once you remove the outer image and start doing things truly for yourself, nothing else matters!

Warning: You will piss people off when you reach that happy star, you may even cause conflict or loose some people along the way, but hey, a rocket doesn’t reach space before dropping the shit that’s weighing it down!

So how do I reach for the stars? Well I never believed in “starting from the bottom and working your way up”! I actually think this is really bad advise, you instantly devalue yourself and believe you are only worth the bottom rung on whatever ladder you are trying to climb! I reckon shoot for the top, whatever rung you land on, that’s your jam!

If you are crazy passionate about something, you are going to be crazy good at it, more importantly if you are naturally gifted at something, know one should tell you otherwise! Can you imagine someone telling this little beauty to “put the microphone down, its just for big people”? She is sitting firmly on the top rung of the Soul Ladder!

My tip to everyone, sit your ass comfortably in a life sized sling shot, take a few steps back and release….shoot for the top rung of that ladder! Wherever you land, thats exactly where you are suppose to be! Be happy with who and where you are! You only have to impress yourself!

“Its takes a long time to make love with someone who hates themselves”

I showed a draft of this blog to a cool lil Pirate and he made me watch the below Poem. Since listening to the genius words of Buddy Wakefield, I am struggling to articulate (in my own words) the rest of this blog, because honestly, EVERYTHING in this Poem, is EVERYTHING in my heart and mind, right now, right at this very moment!

So without further adieu…


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