True You

Tour Dates

06.08.17 Dublin
13.08.17 Glasgow
20.08.17 London
02.09.17 Amsterdam
09.09.17 Berlin
16.09.17 Paris
23.09.17 Barcelona
07.10.17 New York
14.10.17 New York
28.10.17 Hawaii

True You is exclusive, unique and limited to max 30 guests per city

$150Aud (conversion rate making tickets roughly €100 or £90)

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Find your True You.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of everyday life. Focusing on “success” working 40+ hours a week or simply finding yourself stuck. No idea how to move forward! We forget to stop and listen to our present. What do you really want?

True You is a day designed to bring you back into the present moment. We collaborate with local health professionals in your city to bring you the best tools and coping mechanisms to bring you back to the now.We live in a society that’s all go and very rarely are we encouraged to stop! Wether your a professional or someone who has slipped through the nets of society, we are burdened with imaginary anxieties!

One of our goals is to bring awareness to mental disabilities such as Anxiety, Stress and Depression and equip people with coping mechanisms, while having a whole lotta fun. The society we live in discourages the vulnerable from speaking about their thoughts and celebrates the silence!

True You will leave you feeling centred, inspired and most importantly alive.

True You is a day dedicated to YOU. We start at 9am in a secret location (or your office/workplace) with tea, vegan treats and introductions. Aurora and guest contributors introduce themselves, their story and what you can expect from their workshops. Call it a mini retreat or festival, the next 8 hours is broken down into 1-2hour workshops focusing on mind, body and soul. Here’s a snippet into what might pop up in your city:

* Yoga
* Meditation
* Yidaki Yoga
* Life Design Workshops
* The Mandala effect
* Art therapy
* Sound healing therapy
* Massage
* Acro Yoga
* Dance Therapy

Aurora has a BSc in Architecture, has been practicing Yoga + Meditation for 8 years and teaching for 3yrs. Aurora has somehow managed to achieve all this while being epileptic, secretly battling with anxiety and living with (from a distance) her Dads alcoholism, until he finally passed! Aurora openly discusses her secret battle with anxiety, depression + suicidal thoughts during her early 20s!

I wish I had something like True You when I was suffering in silence! Sometimes speaking to a close friend is the hardest thing in the world. I didn’t want to let people down, I didn’t want people to see a different version of me! I tried to maintain an image of myself that I created in my mind. An image of what I thought other people imagined me to be! It was exhausting, but I can look back and laugh about it now. LVY and True You wouldn’t exist without these experiences. ~ Aurora

Today she suffers from zero symptoms of epilepsy, has been free of epileptic seizures and meds for over 5years,very little anxiety and has accepted what was her Fathers sh*tty life! Her remedy? Yoga + Meditation + Talking!

She has a deep understanding into the corporate world and the conscious world and has built a life out of helping people. Her experience and empathy towards people who come from all walks of life has helped Aurora connect and teach grounding tools to balance and relax. She believes collaboration and community is the fundamental key to unlocking societies stress and anxieties.

Aurora has teamed up with some of the best health influencers in the world and is coming to a city near you. Check out full dates and locations above.

1. If you have a group of 10 or more True You will come to you. Contact LVY today to discuss further.
2. Cooperate Events – True You can come to your workplace and create a bespoke day to suit your company and employees needs. Minimum 15 per corporate group.

True You is travelling from city to city, check out our tour dates below and follow the link to book your True You.

You can help True You by reading and contributing to our gofundme campaign. Every donation helps and no donation is too small. As your donation and support means a lot to us, with your permission we will list your name on our website as one of our founding contributors and we will offer you a discounted price to one of our future events.


A special thank you for the continued support and to those who’ve donated to our gofundme campaign.

Marion DeKindt, Jess Bottomley, Bre’Arne Smith, Nadia Forlani, Byron Bowman Keogh, Jules Lobban, Thomas Gautun, Aoife Hayes, Sharon Byrne, Nicky Maison, Kellie Turner, Daz Naude, Marcel Pradella, Tracey Rogers.