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T H E  U P S I D E

If this is your first time hearing about THE UPSIDE, what rock have you been living under? No seriously, what’s the rock like, can we shoot on it sometime?


“Founded by Australian fashion icon Jodhi Meares, THE UPSIDE’s early ethos laid in establishing a bold brand that catered to sartorially sophisticated and time savvy individuals who led demanding lives but cherished their training. A fitness enthusiast herself, Meares found it difficult to find activewear to support her whilst training but also keep her looking stylish for afternoon meetings. THE UPSIDE was born to fill that void for women and men alike.

The key ingredient to THE UPSIDE’s refined approach is undoubtedly Meares’ extensive experience in the world of fashion. A notable model at the age of 15, Meares later went on host numerous television shows including Australia’s Next Top Model, before successfully establishing Tigerlily, a swimwear company that embodied the quintessential Australian boho chic aesthetic.”

LVY had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Hazal from THE UPSIDE at Wanderlust. We decided to test out their awesome clothing and push them to the yoga limit. Our Founder, Amy Widdis and gorgeous friend/yoga extraordinaire, Eliza Giles hit the beach for a sunrise yoga session, followed by some rock climbing and a dip in the ocean.

cave 1

The fabric is quick dry, perfect for a sweaty yogi, but what we loved the most, was jumping from one activity to the next with no need to change. This fashionable sportswear can double up as yoga and surf wear.

Check out our fun and smiles below –


Eliza wears the Power Pant and crop top in Khaki Leopard

amy plank

Amy wears Yoga Pant and crop top in Paisley

cave 2

As always LVY love hearing about big people doing big things for big problems. THE UPSIDE donates a percentage of everything bought online to the Cambodian Children’s Trust. It fills our LVY hearts with warmth and happiness knowing that these awesome pants not only make our ass look hot hot hot but we are directly helping much needed families break free from the cycle of poverty.



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